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Residential Services

We can provide cleanings at whatever frequency you need, whether it's a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one-time cleaning, we can work within your schedule to make it happen. We are also able to help with things other than just regular housekeeping. We will work with you to create a plan specifically tailored to suit your needs.


Living and bedroom

• Beds Made 
• Flat areas damp cloth dusted or swiffered 
• Stairs vacuumed 
• Empty closet floors vacuumed
• All readily accessible floors vacuumed
• Wood floors vacuumed and dust mopped 
• Cobwebs removed 
• Picture frames dusted 
• Window sills and ledges dusted 
• Louvered doors dusted




• Tile walls, bathtubs, and showers cleaned
• Shower doors cleaned and disinfected 
• Vanity and sink cleaned and disinfected 
• Mirrors and chrome fixtures cleaned and shined
• Floors washed and disinfected/ carpets vacuumed 
• Toilets cleaned and disinfected 
• Mildew chemically treated 
• Cobwebs removed 
• General dusting

Kitchen and brunch

• Countertops cleaned
• Outside of range cleaned
• Top and front of range cleaned
• Drip pans cleaned.
• Sinks cleaned and disinfected, chrome shined
• Fronts of other appliances cleaned
• Floors vacuumed and mopped
• Cobwebs Removed
• Microwave wiped out
• General dusting.

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