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Other Services

• Windows washing
• Power washing for driveways and walkways.
• Patios and decks cleaning
• Garage cleaning
• Trash removal
...and more!

What we can do for you?

  • Our Attitude: We believe that success only follows when one implements a Win-Win Relationship in all your business dealings. Success is based on long term relationships.


  • Our People: The greatest asset of any organization rests in its people. We understand this principle and concentrate our efforts in growing their value to the market place.


  • Our Value System: We understand that life is only a series of results. To achieve the results we desire we have to first deserve those results.


  • Our Brand Name: Our brand name MELO CLEANING SERVICES is unique.  Our name implies that we are in a class of our own.  We offer our clients complete peace of mind.


  • Our Services: Our service is unique and takes the hassle out of trying to run a household, hold down a job and employ somebody to help you.


  •  Our Business Systems: The long term success of any business depends on the implementation of sound Business Systems.


  • Our Marketing Systems: To ensure a steady supply of customers, it is critical that effective marketing is carried out on a continuous basis.


  • Our Customer Care Programme: Our Customer Care Policy requires that all new customers are phoned within 24 hrs to ensure their satisfaction. In addition to this, customers are invited to contact us should they wish to discuss any matter with us.


  • Professional Cleaning Packages Available:

           Contract Office/Retail Cleaning Service

           Contract Residential Cleaning Services

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